These are the steps of manufacturing precision balls:

  1. Pressing: Usually, wire is the starting raw material. This is chopped into pins and pressed into shape.
  2. Rolling: Rolling takes place between plates with circumferential grooves to eliminate pressed edges and increase the roundness of the balls.
  3. Hardening: Hardening gives the balls the highest possible hardness.
  4. Grinding: Multiple grinding processes result in higher precision of the balls.
  5. Lapping: Lapping gives the balls a compact, shiny and perfect surface.
  6. Washing: The final washing process removes all production residues.
  7. Final inspection: All balls are 100% checked for diameter. Furthermore, the surface of all balls is optically scanned by machine and at the same time the physical integrity is checked by means of eddy current.
  8. Packaging is carried out according to the standard or according to customer specifications.

In collaboration with the Austrian artist Michael Ferner, we show you how to make balls.

The wire is cut A

The cut pieces of wire are pressed B

The blanks are brought into a round shape by pressure C

Cooking hardens the balls D

The balls are given a thorough grinding E

Then a thorough polishing takes place F

Finally, the comprehensive control G

Conclusion: Congratulations to the team H

The customer with balls is king! I

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