Precision balls made of steel and other materials

The ideal solution for every requirement
We offer you a wide range of balls from the Martin company. They differ according to dimension, material and quality and are suitable for various applications. Here you can find out how the balls are manufactured.


According to DIN 5401 the balls are classified in a grade system, grade G3 is the best possible quality, grade G700 the lowest. To determine the grade you require, please consider your application and, if possible, define your required parameters in terms of diameter, out-of-roundness (Tdws), roughness (Ra) and, if of interest, diameter variation in a batch (Vdwl). The diameter tolerance can always be limited by choice of the selection. The standard is somewhat complex, we will be happy to advise you.

Here you can download an overview in PDF format: DIN 5401 table.

Of course, we can also offer you balls according to ISO 3290 or ANSI ABMA.


Standard material steel balls

Here you can download data sheets for the individual materials:

Special materials for balls

Other materials on request and also according to customer requirements.

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